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Is God Your Objective?

I’ve had a lot of talks with different pastors and friends of different denominations of the same faith (Christianity). But for the longest time, all I had for these people was a list of questions…oh, and my thoughts, prayers, and feelings. Subjective people to lean on? Yes, but God was still the objective source…right?

Now, I have to wonder…Was he ALWAYS the objective? And how do we know if he’s our objective, the being we’re ultimately seeking, when all of our thoughts seem so world-centered, human-centered? There’s not just the guilt, but the never-ending question of…Is this right?

Some of the most seemingly simplistic and cliche things that people can say to you include the following:

-“You haven’t been praying enough. Pray until God gives you the answer.”

-“Just rely on faith, I guess.”

-“Was it God, or was it you? Make sure you’re listening to Him.”

But then, there’s the ONE direct “demand” that you might receive: “No, don’t do this. If you do it, you’re not gonna be able to move forward.”

These types of comments aren’t said in just one situation. Oh, no. Pretty much every situation where you have to make a decision–whether it be to go to a big university, move to a big city, or hang out with a certain crowd–will not arise without some sort of overwhelming web of opinions from people with “strong faith.”

But here’s a question for you. How do THEY know your faith? How can someone tell you that “they” have a bad feeling about something…because God came to them in a vision?

Now, I believe that there are a lot of wise people out there, people who know FAR more than I know about God. Heck, there are people who have probably memorized the whole Bible. I can barely remember a verse.

But even these people who know so much about the Bible and about God don’t know about my relationship with Him. Do they know my prayers, my dreams, the whole me? No…not like God does.

That’s why a Christian relationship with Christ is so intimate. We cannot go to someone of the same faith and ask “Is this right?” and expect them to give us a perfect answer, God’s answer. Of course, they can pray and get feelings, even visions. But ultimately, we have to believe in the visions for ourselves.

With the holy spirit in us, we can see a vision from the spirit. The people we talk to–the people with strong faith–can guide us to get a closer relationship with God. But they cannot define our relationship.

God is my objective, the being I long to serve whilst talking to Him, totally open and honest communication, something that’s only achievable with full trust and time. Any subjective “principles” may be important on this journey to meet my objective, but they do not define my obstacles and answers. So I ask anyone reading this: Who are your sources for answers? Is God your ultimate objective, your ultimate purpose for existence, your ultimate source for answers?