Monthly Archives: May 2015

Thank You Note to God

This morning, I was typing away on my iPad at a coffee shop, trying to write “thank you” notes to people who allowed me to interview them for a feature story. Meanwhile, I had a million other things on my mind–updating my LinkedIn profile, networking for jobs, reading about job interview advice, and sending out my resume.

Right when I found a website for a networking group at a church, I came across a prayer forum on the righthand side of their website.

I wasn’t expecting a place to ask for prayer, especially when I was by myself at a coffee shop.

Before I typed my prayer request, I saw that the most recent request was a little like mine.

It moved me, leading me to send a prayer for this person as well as a request for myself.

Thinking about it now as I type this blog, I realize…this was meant to happen as a way of God encouraging me to pray for others and ask for others to pray for me. This blog, being written as I continue my search, is a “thank you” note to God for the reminder of the need for prayer.


When we’re constantly on our phones and tablets, there comes a point when the battery dies. We know this when we’re thinking about it, when the battery icon turns red. But until that happens, we remain on the run while the battery slowly dies.

Sometimes, it feels like our souls do the same. When we see that our spirit is dying, it feels so fast. It feels so frustrating. We might even ask ourselves…Where is God?

I’m writing this blog on my iPhone right after my iPad died. In the process, I worry because my iPhone’s down to 10%. Of course, I’m at Panera having forgotten my charger.

Not exactly convenient for a day of resume building, job searching, making phone calls, and blogging.

But as I sit here with an iPod about three-quarters of the way charged, I can listen to Christian music while using the remainder of the battery from my phone to finish this blog post. All the while, I feel like I’m getting somewhere, my spirits being lifted with even the slightest bit of energy.

It’s easy to get frustrated, to feel burnt-out, to feel lost…especially when all we see is that little red portion of a battery left. It’s even harder without a charger.

But sometimes, the littlest amount of energy can go a long way, our spirits lifted more than we know if we see the value in what we have left.

Not everything is lost. Our souls are not dead.