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What Does God Expect?

What do you expect of yourself? What do you expect of others? What do others expect of you? What does GOD expect of you?

I know, those four questions are a lot for one paragraph. But they’re all questions that a lot of Christians consciously and subconsciously ponder. We want to please God, but we also want to meet all of the expectations of those who have higher authority.

So what happens when we think about God’s expectations and others’ expectations? The definition of “expectations” becomes one in the same.

Imagine if you thought humans expect perfection from you. You would strive for perfection in Earthly works. You would expect yourself to be perfect. But what does God expect?

The difference between heaven and Earth is that heaven is perfect, the perfect place in the perfect condition for all eternity. On Earth, we see a lot of destruction and sin. But then, we see efforts from people trying to clean up the messes, repenting, learning from mistakes. God’s expectations are effort, repentance, and prayer. Even if the world still looks like a mess (and it does), our actions and humility meet some of God’s expectations. Then, it’s expected that we keep up these actions.

Although it seems like the world is more about perfection than good works and humility, that’s mostly because we think more about perfection than we think of good works. But if we think more about good work and humility, maybe we’d see that these things make us not necessarily perfect, but better. Just the smiles on faces of people positively affected by this show us that we can meet expectations through good hearts and intentions instead of our idea of perfection.