Monthly Archives: May 2016

Finding Peace at a Store

In previous posts, I’ve talked about faith in God and signs from Him. I’ve also talked about seeking Him during times of discontentment, fear, and anxiety. In this post, I’ll be talking about how I found peace at a store.

It was a few weeks ago. I was thinking about financial issues. I was scared because I knew that I was almost 26, which meant that I would soon be off of my mom’s health insurance plan. I didn’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get my own insurance when I needed it.

So I did what I do best: I freaked out.

I freaked out over finances, over my job, over the future…over pretty much everything.

My first thought: I’m screwed!

After about an hour of crying, I got myself together. I listened to some Christian music, got my purse and iPad, and walked to The Dollar Tree. My intention was to shop for a little bit and then do a devotional on my iPad.

Well, God had something different in store for me…and it didn’t involve technology. As I was roaming the aisles, I started wondering whether I should buy a devotional. I decided not to, as I didn’t finish the other ones I owned. But as I continued shopping, the anxiety about money and the future creeped up again. I couldn’t find peace.

But somehow, in the stationery aisle, I found peace. On the center of the shelf was a box of devotionals. One of the devotionals was about to fall out of the box. So I took it out. The cover said “Peace”.

I didn’t go shopping for a devotional. I didn’t go shopping expecting to find peace, though I did hope for it. And lo and behold…There it was in the form of a devotional.

Suddenly, I forgot about money, stress, the future, and my plans. I just laughed.

My final thought: I’ll be okay.

In the middle of a store, God blessed me with peace.