In This Shade (Patience)

3:10 p.m.

Outside of a Starbucks, I sit under an umbrella that shields me from the burning sun. Here, in the silence and the shade, I think about today’s devotional on the topic of patience.

During my quiet time in this shade, I am surrounded only by God, protected from distractions. Patiently, I wait for the breeze. When it comes, I will welcome it as I welcome God’s words.



In this shade, during my silent waiting, I hear cars rush past the coffee shop. They send loud noise and a breeze my way.

Through the noise, I hear God’s words. I welcome them, then understand them.

“Since you have waited patiently in silence, I give you these words that you will put to paper. I give you the breeze so that you will not be burned by summer’s heat,” God says.


3:50 p.m.

Inhaling and embracing God’s message, I hear fewer cars and feel less of a breeze. Behind me, I see the door of the coffee shop open. A boy and his mom walk out. The mom talks of the coolness inside.

Coolness sounds ever-so inviting.

“Go inside,” God says.

I go inside. Feeling refreshed by air conditioning, I sit down to write everything I feel, hear, and learn.

“Now, put this writing in your blog,” God says.

I obey Him. Here it is.



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