Prayer Can Help Us Notice Change

I believe that prayer can help us see a change in ourselves and in life.

After Noah built the Ark, he proved his righteousness to God. Because of his righteousness, God heard and responded to his plea to not destroy the Earth. So he granted Noah’s request.

In the same way, God hears our pleas. Although he might not always grant our requests the way He did for Noah, He listens to us in the same way. He works miracles that may not be seen in our own lives right away, but we can see them happen in others’ lives. This discovery gives us something to discuss with God.

This happened to me after seeing Facebook posts about others’ success–new jobs, new houses, marriage. After long moments of jealousy, I remembered what others have told me: This can happen for you, too.

So I prayed. I asked God to give me all of these things. After tracking my level of envy and patience, I realized that those two things were getting worse. So instead of asking God for “success”, I needed to ask Him to fix my heart and mindset.

As I prayed for a change in myself, I became more patient and less envious. After seeing others’ successes, I started to find it easier to remember: This can happen to you, too.

I believe that the same is true for everyone. Although it is hard to remember this, we can be reminded of it through prayer.


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